Proactive Engagement—Omni-channel customer engagement success stories

Don't be caught off guard by call center overload.

Nuance helps a leading home security alarm company streamline its contact center operations and improve customer engagement.

Company profile

Monitronics is one of the nation’s largest business and home security alarm monitoring companies, providing services to more than 765,000 subscribers. The company was looking to improve its contact center operations; specifically, to drive more of the right customer conversations, reduce the cost of outreach through self-service and improve response to alarm time. To achieve these goals, they teamed with customer engagement expert, Nuance Communications, Inc.

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Monitronics uses Nuance Proactive Engagement

Our customers’ safety is our number one priority and our partnership with Nuance increases our commitment to it.

Mike Haislip
President & CEO


  • Reduce cost of interactions
  • Drive the right inbound traffic
  • Offer more self-service options
  • Improve alarm response time


  • Nuance Proactive Notifications Platform
  • Nuance automated routine reminders, delivering personalized interactions to customers on their preferred communication channels, making it easier for them to self‑serve and driving more relevant, targeted traffic into the contact center


  • Achieved 94% message delivery (live answer or answering machine)
  • Automated 2.8M customer communications, equating to 7.2M minutes of call center time
  • Saved $30,000 monthly on average in contact center costs
  • Improved average handle time by 46% over IVR


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