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Nuon perfects its customer service with call steering.

"We thought we had set the bar high, but the success of the Nuance application took even us by surprise."

Company profile

NV Nuon Energy is part of the international energy concern Vattenfall, one of the largest producers of energy and heat in Europe. Founded in 2006 following the legal separation of its parent company into the energy supplier Nuon and grid operator Alliander, Nuon produces electricity (over 20TWh in 2014), heat, cooling and gas. Operating mainly in the Netherlands, Nuon is one of the top three Dutch energy companies, employing over 4,400 people, and serving around two million consumers, companies and organizations. It also provides energy-related products, services and advice to help customers save energy and improve safety.

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Nuon uses Nuance Call Steering

Surveys have shown that customers were very dissatisfied with the channel they had to go through to reach the right employee. The old system offered too few opportunities to make the required improvements, necessary to improve the customer experience and also the efficiency of the contact center. We finally opted for Nuance. They offered the best package at a good price.

Arnoud Kortes
Program Manager
Nuon Business Development


  • Handle customers' questions faster and better - boosting efficiency of the contact center
  • Improve customers' experience by using open questions to serve them faster and more intuitively
  • Have a system that can respond flexibly and simply to changing circumstances such as new products and services
  • Reduce the number of transfers


  • Nuance Call Steering handles huge variety of customer questions in an adaptive manner
  • System can be fine-tuned and adapted by the contact center itself
  • Open-question speech recognition enables customers to use their own words to navigate (rather than incomprehensible jargon), and so access the right employe of self-service application faster


  • Correct Routing Rate (CRR) up to 95% after just three months
  • Transfers higher customer satisfaction: NPS score up by six points
  • Nuon received 2015 Dutch CQ (Customer Quotient) award for best customer service


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