Success story – Using self-service voice biometrics

Pensiones Banorte implements self‑service “Proof of Life” confirmation with Nuance


Delivering superior customer service is a critical priority for Pensiones Banorte, whose customer base is older and often less technologically‑savvy. But “Proof of Life” regulations can make this difficult: In order to prevent fraud, the government requires pensioners to validate their identity before releasing their benefits. Traditionally, verification was done in person; however, this created serious accessibility challenges for aging citizens who have difficulty traveling.

To better serve their customers, Pensiones Banorte turned to Nuance to help them implement a secure way to confirm Proof of Life at a distance using voice biometrics. Since the solution was implemented in 2014, the firm has increased customer satisfaction while delivering substantial secondary benefits to customers and their families.

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Since the ‘Firma de Voz Banorte’ project was implemented, pensioners have been able to provide proof of life from home 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, even if they are out of the country.

Andres Gallegos
Customer Service Sub Director
Pensiones Banorte

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