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Pensiones Banorte, the largest organization in annuity payments in Mexico, improves customer service with Nuance Voice Biometrics.

Pensiones Banorte was the first organization to leverage voice biometrics to support identity verification or “Proof of Life” for aging pensioners claiming Social Security benefits. Nuance’s Security Suite works to authenticate Banorte’s legitimate customers and pensioners seamlessly, right from home, without requiring them to travel to do so.

Company profile

Pensiones Banorte, established in 1997 as a result of the Social Security Law that states that the Pension for disability, disability or death of the workes, would be administered and paid by a Private Insurer. Pensiones Banorte has grown into the largest organization in annuity payments in Mexico.

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Pensiones Banorte uses Nuance Voice Biometrics.

Since the ‘Firma de Voz Banorte’ project was implemented, pensioners have been able to provide proof of life from home 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, even if they are out of the country.

Andres Gallegos
Customer Service Sub Director
Pensiones Banorte


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