Collections—Omni-channel customer engagement success stories

Self-service nets higher pay rates in utility collections.

How a top utility company realized a substantial lift in payments by engaging delinquent customers through automated interactions.

Company profile

Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSEG) is New Jersey’s oldest and largest publicly-owned utility with more than 2 million customers and one of the largest utility companies in the U.S. PSEG first started working with Nuance in 2007 to automate customer interactions. Prior to that, the company didn’t have an adequate means for contacting all their delinquent customers, relying on mailings and part-time staff to make outbound calls. With the costs of labor rising, the utility wanted a better way to reach more of their delinquent customers at a lower cost and with the greatest business impact.

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PSEG uses Nuance Collection Reminders

The first month we made that change, in check payments alone, not including credit cards, the result was an additional 1,337 payments.

Christy Barone
Strategic Analyst, Credit Collections Team
Publish Service Electric & Gas


  • Reach more delinquent customers and generate more payments at a lower cost than manual outreach without burdening the contact center


  • Nuance Collections Reminders
  • Personalized, automated interactions to customers whose account are past die with timely reminders and self-service payment options


  • Increased monthly payment rates by 6 to 9% equating to $5.3-$6.6 million in revenue
  • Improved invalid numbers by 22%, adding 3.27% more customers to self-service
  • Improved live answer rate by 15% by adjusting calling window
  • Saw a 34% lift in engagement as a result of script changes
  • Realized a 4.5% monthly return on investment


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