Esurance success story – Improving self-service engagement

Putting customers in the driver’s seat at Esurance


Esurance understands that customers want quick and seamless experiences with their insurance company. The insurance industry has been forced to see their customer engagements in a new light—a next‑generation customer engagement—one where consumer's increased use of always‑available digital channels has led to their raised expectation of connecting with organizations at any time. This kind of ever-present access to efficient self-service allows customers to get the answers they need when and how they need it.

Although providing self‑service options is critical, even the most independent customers may eventually need some human interaction, especially when it comes to insurance matters. Nuance Conversational AI has made this possible by powering self‑service in the form of virtual assistants (VAs) and making live chat even more effective through its rich data insights.

Nuance Conversational AI achieved

Live Assist CSAT




YoY virtual assistant engagement increase through native app

Create intelligent customer engagements with Nuance conversational AI.