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RBS Group fights fraud and protects customers with Nuance voice biometrics

How do you protect 19 million banking customers from fraud? RBS Group uses Nuance voice biometrics technology to quickly detect fraud attempts coming into its call center, and disrupt organized crime activities across all its customer engagement channels.

Company profile

The Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS), one of the largest financial institutions, serves 19 million customers across 12 banking and financial services brands.

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RBS uses Nuance voice biometrics

With Nuance voice biometrics, we get a clearer view of customer and fraudster behavior, so we can keep genuine customers protected and take the fight to the criminals who are targeting their accounts.

Jason Costain
Head of Fraud Strategy and Relationship Management
RBS Group


  • Increasingly sophisticated fraud attempts on the voice channel and beyond


  • Protection for customers, reduced financial losses, fewer fraud attempts, disrupted criminal activities

Nuance Security Suite and RBS

Hear how RBS is cutting its fraud losses, generating significant ROI, and safeguarding legitimate customers.


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