Swedbank success story – Nuance Virtual Assistant

Swedbank delivers fast, convenient self‑service with Nuance

Using Nuance Virtual Assistant on its home page and mobile apps, Swedbank offers customers the chance to ask questions in natural, conversational text and gets their questions answered quickly.


In recent years, Swedbank has seen many of its customers make the bank’s digital platforms their engagement method of choice—opting for faster, more convenient service. The bank wanted to create more digital self‑service options to meet this new demand and help reduce pressure on the agents in its contact centers.

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We’re helping our agents work more efficiently, and we’re making banking more convenient for customers.

Lorenz Versloot
Chief Product Owner

Nuance Virtual Assistant and Live Assist achieved


conversations a year handled by the bank’s Virtual Assistant


first‑contact resolution using the Virtual Assistant and Live Assist


debit cards replaced in two years using the Virtual Assistant

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