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Just the voice to verify the identity of Tatra bank clients

Voice biometrics reduces authentication time by 66% without compromising security.

Company profile

Tatra bank was established in 1990 as the first private bank in Slovakia. Currently, it is a member of the RBI Group and one of the most successful subsidiaries of Raiffeisen Bank International AG in Central and Eastern Europe. As an innovation leader, it provides unique banking services and solutions in the management of funds, which has been confirmed by prestigious international awards. Via its network of 128 business outlets, it operates in all regions of Slovakia.

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The average time of client identification process through the Card and Card Reader TB is 1min, 21 sec. In comparison with 27sec. identification time through voice biometrics, we save 66% of the time in the client identification process.

Lubos Kovac
Head of Contact Center Dialog Live
Tatra Bank


  • Implement a system ensuring that the verification is carried out naturally during an ordinary conversation with the operator
  • Implement a verification fast enough and at least as safe as Card and Card Reader authentication


  • Nuance Security Suite
  • Extensive testing and debugging of the system so that the verification is carried out fast enough to prevent unauthorized access to the system and prevent rejection of legitimate log-in attempts
  • Integration with other banking systems and created of an intuitive user interface for agents of the contact center Dialog Live (realized in collaboration with 2Ring Company using 2Ring Agent Desktop solution)


  • Tatra bank, as the first bank on the Slovak market as well as in Central and Easter Europe, has offered their clients the possibility of comfortable authentication through voice biometrics
  • Tatra bank clients now have several options for authentication in the contact center Dialog Live, not only through their Card and Card Reader systems
  • Introduction of voice verification has proven attractive to clients - after less than four months since the launch of this service, Dialog Live has registered 90,000 voice samples
  • Resulting in shortening the average length of calls and an increase in the efficiency of the contact center, which will not be able to spend more time on selling activites


Over a long period, Tatra bank has shaped itself into the most innovative bank on the Slovak market. For example, in 2012 it was the first bank in the European Union to introduce a credit card integrated into their clients’ mobile phones. Voice biometrics has perfectly clicked with Tatra bank profile. It enables the callers to the contact center to verify their identity based on their unique voice characteristics. No other bank in Slovakia, Central or Eastern Europe has offered anything similar through the years 2012 and 2013. Several successful projects worldwide, suggest that biometric technology is sufficiently mature for deployment in the banking sector. Managers of Tatra bank have considered using of voice biometric authentication for a long time. There was just one last thing to decide on—to choose one of the two technology alternatives.

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