Success story – Improve experiences with biometric authentication

Virginia Credit Union delights members and agents with frictionless authentication


Providing outstanding service to its 308,000 members is core to Virginia Credit Union’s mission. But their old authentication methods frustrated both members and agents. So, the credit union deployed Nuance biometric authentication to verify members in as little as 6 seconds using their natural speech, lowering average handle time (AHT) by 84 seconds and greatly improving member experiences.

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I’ve had members tell me how much they love VoiceID because it takes only seconds to verify their identity, without all of the questions we used to ask.

Kate Hopson
VP Contact
Virginia Credit Union


Reduce member and agent frustration caused by a lengthy authentication process—and grow membership without increasing agent headcount.


Nuance biometric authentication verifies members in seconds during their natural interactions with agents.


A frictionless authentication experience for members and agents, and a dramatic AHT reduction that allows the same number of agents to serve more members.

Nuance’s frictionless biometric authentication achieved

seconds time to authenticate


FTE productivity gain equivalent


seconds average handle time reduction

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