What is an AI cloud contact center?

The AI contact center of the future

As contact centers move to Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) models, AI will add the vital ingredient that binds customer experiences together.

Beyond contact center automation

Naturally, an AI‑first approach to contact center operations starts with automating as many customer engagements as possible. An intelligent, conversational IVR resolves issues quickly, while smart virtual assistants and chatbots help with everyday questions in digital channels to maximize self‑service containment.

But an AI‑first approach also bridges the gap between automated and human‑assisted service with seamless, contextual escalations to live agents. It empowers agents with customer insights and best practice advice, and creates a learning loop that continuously improves AI capabilities. And crucially, it uses AI‑powered biometric security to build customer trust.

That’s how the cloud‑based AI contact center of the future will deliver conversational automated experiences, effortless authentication, and the ultimate in agent efficiency.

Intelligence: the missing ingredient for CCaaS success

To ensure Contact Center as a Service delivers all the benefits you’re looking for, there’s a key ingredient that must sit at the heart of your customer experience operations—intelligence. You need AI contact center solutions that connect business systems with customer engagement apps to provide intelligent, connected, and effective customer journeys. Nuance Contact Center AI (CCAI) adds the intelligence layer to contact center operations.

ai cloud contact center intelligence graphic
ai cloud contact center intelligence graphic

Learn how to bring intelligence to your CCaaS

Learn how you add intelligence to your CCaaS to get maximum value from your cloud contact center.