Contact Center as a Service—key considerations

What to consider when moving to CCaaS

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) promises to bring new flexibility and cost reductions—but only if you can avoid the hidden pitfalls on your way to the cloud.

The hidden challenges of CCaaS

Modern contact centers generate significant business value, so any move to a CCaaS model must at least maintain—and ideally, improve—the benefits your contact center delivers today. It’s no good losing hard-won customer satisfaction in the rush to the cloud.

But many brands find that migrating to CCaaS isn’t as smooth as they hoped, interrupting customer service and reducing containment rates. Often, that’s down to the need to rewrite existing apps for the cloud, losing years of learning and optimization in the process.

So, when you’re moving to a cloud contact center, investment protection—and customer experience protection—should be front and center in your plans.

Key considerations for your CCaaS migration

To remove the risk from your CCaaS deployment, look for ways to make the most of your existing contact center investments.

Learn how to bring intelligence to your CCaaS

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