Customer Service Messaging for Google’s Business Messages

Stop hiding your messaging capabilities

Integrate Google’s Business Messages into the Nuance Intelligent Engagement Platform and make the experience more accessible. Instead of calling in, encourage customers to message directly within entry points from a variety of Google experiences, such as Google Search, Google Maps, and others.

Business to consumer messaging is easier
than ever

When customers are already engaged digitally, they may find it frustrating if they are forced to call in for further support—or worse, they could simply drop out entirely. Since many questions can be answered quickly and easily via a message, why not let the customers choose how to continue? A traditional call-in option may appeal to some but adding more messaging capabilities can help retain the digital consumer—and avoid unnecessary costs.

Google’s Business Messages allows customers to find and message organizations right from within specific Google products as a natural and convenient extension of their search. By integrating this channel into the Nuance Intelligent Engagement Platform, organizations can convert this initial interest into productive customer engagements by promoting a more seamless overall experience.

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Customer Service Messaging

Create seamless customer and agent experiences

Inconsistency, silos, and broken experiences—no one wants any of this. By integrating Google’s Business Messages into the Nuance Intelligent Engagement Platform, we support enterprises with a seamless experience across channels. And doing so provides a reliable and intuitive way to reach out to a business which earns organizations loyalty points with their customers.