Callback Manager

Don’t make customers put their lives on hold

Nuance Callback Manager puts an end to lengthy contact center wait times—so your customers get a better experience, and your agents can work more efficiently.

“I love long call wait times,” said no customer ever.

Even in the best contact centers, when there’s a rapid surge in call volumes, wait times can quickly get out of control. That impacts your KPIs and frustrates already impatient customers.

Nuance Callback Manager enables your IVR to give callers the option to be called back when contact center wait times are long (or pass a specified threshold). Callers can have the IVR wait in line on their behalf, or you can offer to call them back during a time window when you expect lower volumes. It all adds up to a better customer experience—and a more efficient contact center.


of customers prefer a callback

(Forrester Research)


Better for your customers. Better for your agents.

Nuance Callback Manager enables you to balance agent workloads across high and low‑volume periods while providing a superior customer experience.


What you get with Nuance Callback Manager

Deliver superior CX and boost agent efficiency.

Flexible callback options

Choose the right callback option for your customer service strategy, from queued callbacks that have the IVR hold callers’ place in the queue and set up a callback, to scheduled callbacks that help give customers specific time windows for callbacks.

The right callback options to fit your business needs

Choose flexible callback options to support your customer service strategy.

  • Queued callback: Improve the customer experience by having the IVR hold callers’ place in the queue and set up a callback when it’s their turn.
  • Scheduled callback: Reduce costs and help agents work more efficiently by giving customers a specific time window for their callback.

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