Customer Service Messaging for RCS Business Messaging

Advanced messaging without limitations

The future of messaging is here. Combine the reliability of SMS with rich graphics and intelligent communications to deliver the best customer service yet.

Upgrade SMS with an innovative alternative—Rich Communication Services

Rich Communications Services (RCS) is the new communication protocol for messaging between a carrier and a smartphone, enabling consumers all over the world to augment the way they engage with friends, family and businesses, while on‑the‑go.

Specific for messaging between organizations and their customers, RCS Business Messaging includes features like read and sent notifications, ability to add a logo and business name instead of just showing a phone number and other interactive options to convert simple text messages into a collaborative customer engagement channel.

RCS Business Messaging will be an integral part of the Nuance Customer Service Messaging solution, which enables organizations to converse with customers in digital channels, such as web, mobile, SMS, messaging, app, smart home speakers, etc, for inbound and outbound communication, utilizing automated and human‑assisted interactions.

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What is RCS?

RCS is a global messaging standard, implemented by a variety of carriers already, with more carriers adding this service every day. Touted as the next generation of SMS, it includes a variety of features that will make it an engaging, interactive and efficient communication channel—even for organizations, thanks to RCS Business Messaging.

Why messaging is important


of consumers prefer to use a form of messaging to communicate with companies.


of consumers are expressing interest in RCS functionality and many claiming they would use it tomorrow.


of respondents would be more likely to communicate with a brand using RCS Business Messaging.

One platform for all customer engagement needs

Watch how Nuance Customer Service Messaging enables you to engage with your customers on their terms.