Agent Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Don't get rid of your agents, augment them!

Create an efficient contact center that supports agents and their managers with relevant real‑time information.

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Nuance AI solutions for agents

Nuance Agent AI monitors active conversations across both voice and digital channels to deliver relevant information to agents when they need it. This guidance leads to a better customer experience, more revenue, and reduced costs. All while elevating your agents’ knowledge so they are more productive.

Empowerment is the key to a better agent experience

Channel diversity has grown, and as channel hopping increases so will the overall number of engagements. Self‑service and automation are on the rise, but they are not the solution for everything.

Forrester predicts that the backlash against chatbots will start soon, so contact centers need a failover strategy, which means agents are still relevant and needed. AND Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming mainstream, not only to improve customer engagement, but also to augment agents, helping them be more productive and even teaching them new skills.

Nuance agent‑facing AI technologies streamline the contact center, shorten handle times, increase accuracy and deliver better visibility into live engagements, all to improve the digital transformation journey. Agents will feel more empowered and more confident as their work life becomes more efficient, thereby reducing agent churn and improving customer satisfaction.

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Use cases

AI is empowering agents

Agents and contact center managers have to tackle a variety of challenges. None of which allows them to let the customer wait or provide half-baked information because customers expect fast and accurate answers at any time. Empower your agents to deliver exactly that, no matter the circumstances.

AI is empowering agents

Solutions & technologies

Combining AI and humans to accelerate the digital transformation journey

Nuance agent facing technologies utilize Natural Language Understanding (NLU), machine learning and more to ensure your agents can focus on what really matters—solving your customers' inquiries.


Using customer interaction analytics, one of our clients saw sales rise by 48% and employee satisfaction improve by 26%


A major EMEA Wealth Management company say a 6% reduction in agents absenteeism and an increase in retention rate


By replacing outdated technology with the Nuance Agent Desktop a major telco saw an increase in conversion, agent utilization and average first response and handle time—all leading to an increase in CSAT from 80% to more than 90%

Happy agents = happy customers

Nuance is entering a new era of connected conversations, utilizing artificial intelligence to seamlessly intertwine contact center agents with intelligent technologies so your customer experience will never sour. And as a bonus, your contact center agents are going to love coming to work.

Creating a customer‑centric contact center can be challenging

AI empowers intelligent conversations. From customer‑facing support in automated conversations, such as IVR and virtual assistants, to agent‑facing support with real‑time alerts and recommendations. The importance is to connect the two—seamlessly. But where do you start?

Nuance has helped numerous enterprises with achieving their goal of creating a customer‑centric contact center by combining business expertise with groundbreaking innovations in AI. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.


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