Proactive Notifications - Call center services and notification system for proactive customer communication

Proactive notifications produces better business results

Your customers and employees look to your business for proactive customer service. Nuance helps you deliver with orchestrated and automated engagements across text, voice, email and push channels.

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The message is clear: Customers want to be notified

85% of consumers are interested in receiving proactive notifications, and an astounding 90% say they’re more likely to do business with a company that sends reminders. That’s where the Nuance proactive notifications platform comes in.

Nuance delivers a modern, flexible and multi-tenant cloud platform enabling orchestrated proactive notifications via SMS alert, email, interactive voice messaging and push notifications. Our solutions go far and beyond predictive dialers and allow you to inform and remind customers about appointments, payments, service updates and much more. And when crisis strikes, you’ll be ready with ad‑hoc, one‑to‑many proactive notifications for critical situations—from unplanned outages to local emergencies.

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Learn why predictive dialers are outdated, and explore four strategies for modernizing proactive customer engagement.

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Read how Nuance helped eHealth develop smarter strategies for managing call volume and keeping customers informed through proactive communication.

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Modern proactive notifications in an omni‑channel world

Your customers seek effortless service experiences with your company. Watch how a health insurance provider can orchestrate outreach for members on their preferred channels—making it simple and secure to process an application, make premium payments and more.

Why Nuance


The results are in

Working with Nuance—and leveraging our proactive notifications platform—just plain works.


eHealth saw a nearly 94% per‑message cost savings for customers who opted to receive text messages versus agent-handled calls.


A major credit card provider increased call center agent productivity by 67% by using proactive communication for past-due payment reminders.


CitiMortgage reduced the time it took to follow up on leads from their website from 38 to 3 minutes—and doubled their web lead conversion rates.


Better together, for your customers and your brand


Reach out to customers in the right way

One missed message or bad interaction is all it takes for a customer to lose faith in your brand. With Nuance, you’ll send proactive notifications with confidence.


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Case study

Learn how the Nuance proactive notifications platform enables your business to orchestrate outbound customer communications.