Nina - The intelligent virtual assistant, helping customers self-serve

Intelligent automated conversations with a human touch

A conversation with Nina feels so much more human than a chat-bot. Nina is the virtual assistant who learns, understands and keeps up with everything your customers do to maintain a truly consistent voice for your brand.

Automation that reduces costs while creating effortless experiences

Meet Nina, the Nuance Intelligent Virtual Assistant, designed to deliver an intuitive, automated experience for all your digital channels by engaging your customers in natural conversations using voice or text. No matter if you want to add a virtual assistant to your website, app, or text messaging application, Nina offers your customers a consistent experience in any digital channel. A familiar voice will answer their request whether it’s typed into a computer, tapped on a screen or spoken into a device.

Nina enables an intelligent, human-like dialogue between consumers and your brand. A rich set of features, including the ability to understand complex inquiries, ask clarifying questions and personalize responses, helps brands to deliver a superior self‑service experience. Nina is a well‑designed virtual assistant who can reflect your company’s unique image and tone, resulting in a strengthened brand.

Each conversation can be captured, analyzed and aggregated to deliver real‑time insights. Nina becomes smarter over time by learning from past and current live agent interactions, and other engagements happening in your digital channels to constantly optimize the behavior and improve the accuracy of the responses.

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Reaching new heights in self‑service

Nuance voice solutions enhance the customer experience while enabling companies to reduce call center costs. See how American Airlines (US Airways) reaches new heights in customer service with a fast, personalized self-service IVR system.


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of shoppers prefer to use chatbots rather than speak to a live agent.


of consumers expect a consistent experience across channels.


of customers try to find the answer to their question using a brand’s self‑service application.

The intelligent virtual assistant

Nina learns, understands and keeps up with everything your customers do.

Customer Results

Alex is achieving 80 percent first contact resolution through powerful conversational AI and question-answer capabilities.

In the first three months, Wendy handled on average over 24,000 conversations per month, achieved a 72 percent first contact resolution (FCR) rate and deflected 44 percent of contacts escalated to the contact center.

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  • Nina - The intelligent virtual assistant, helping customers self-serve
  • Nina - The intelligent virtual assistant, helping customers self-serve