Webinars—Omni-channel customer engagement

Omni-channel customer engagement webinars

Take a look at the webinars the Nuance team has planned.

Upcoming webinars

Catalyst for CX Success: Expert Q&A series

The contact center has experienced dramatic changes in a very short time. Join us for this live Q&A series where our experts will share insights from the field on how you can cope with today’s challenges and prepare for the future with renewed confidence.

On-demand webinars

Below are past Nuance webinars that you can access on-demand.

The Evolution of Biometrics in Telecom: Challenges and Opportunities

How can carriers solve the dual goals of customer authentication and fraud prevention? Why are telcos increasingly turning to biometrics? To answer these questions, watch this webinar featuring Deutsche Telekom detailing the role and value of biometrics in the telecom industry.

Designing effortless customer experiences: Where conversational AI and DIY meet

With the growing popularity of open source technologies, the cloud and the API economy, organizations now have more freedom and control in AI and conversational design than ever before. But of course, it’s not just about these technologies. They’re simply a way to access powerful capabilities—it’s what you do with those capabilities that really matters.

Rethinking Voice in a Digital World

For years, investments in the voice channel have taken a backseat to digital. But thanks to the rise of IoT devices and AI-driven conversational experiences in the consumer realm, organizations must rethink the role of voice. Today, consumers want to engage through channels and devices beyond the phone. With loyalty and revenue at stake, now is the time to reevaluate the role of voice as part of your organization's omnichannel customer engagement strategy.

Financial Services: A guide to biometric fraud prevention and authentication

Fraud in contact centers has always been a challenge to manage, but with the explosion of digital channels, financial institutions are faced with securing complex ecosystems. Watch this on-demand webinar as Aite Group and Nuance details the role and value of biometrics in the financial services industry.

Navigating the omni‑channel fraud and authentication landscape

Fraudsters target the path of least resistance and the continued growth of digital channels is changing the battle between brands and criminals. Watch this webinar with guest speaker Andras Cser, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester, to understand how attack vectors are evolving along with the biometrics and other strategies that financial services, telecommunications, retail and other organizations are deploying to defend themselves and their customers.

Nuance IQ: The Human-AI Interaction

Watch this webinar as we explore how the alliance of humans and AI can transform customer engagements—and get an expert take on how humans and AI can learn from each other (and why they must) from our very own innovation evangelist, Tom Hebner. We’ll also take a look under the hood of some exciting Nuance innovations and how leading organizations are reaping the benefits of AI‑powered self‑ and assisted‑service today while planning for the future.

5 Keys to Success with DIY Chatbots and Intelligent Assistants Featuring Opus Research

Enterprises are moving their “bot strategy” from vision to reality at unprecedented speeds—with new tools and platforms to build bots and intelligent assistants creating an illusion that anyone can set up automated assistance that will deliver real business value. Get practical insights from real-world, successful deployments that highlight the importance of combining high‑quality tools with key strategies and approaches that organizations should keep in mind.

Customer Engagement 2019: Top Trends, Predictions and Priorities

The customer engagement and experience landscape is rapidly changing, but what will be the main focus in 2019? Watch this on‑demand webinar for key takeaways including companies continuing to invest in AI for customer engagement, the consumer backlash against bots, prudent companies will invest in humans again and take a blended AI approach, and fraudsters will become more sophisticated in targeting voice and digital engagement channels.