Conversational AI solutions for government

Power to the people—at a lower cost

Nuance solutions enable government institutions to provide the intelligent, seamless experiences citizens expect, while keeping costs under control.

Improve government customer experience across omnichannel devices

Intelligent experiences that meet modern expectations

People expect government agencies to offer the same level of service they get from private companies. But when you’re running on a tight budget, meeting those expectations isn’t easy. With Nuance conversational AI solutions for government, you can improve citizen experiences one step at a time, at your own pace.

Whether you want to increase self‑service in the IVR, improve agent efficiency, or enhance fraud prevention, with Nuance you can add intelligence to the customer experience where it’s needed most—while dramatically reducing costs.


Engage, serve, and protect your citizens

Proven conversational AI solutions from Nuance give constituents effortless, intelligent experiences and fast resolutions while protecting your organization from fraud.

HMRC case study thumbnail

HMRC adapts to COVID‑19 with support from Nuance

See how the UK’s tax, payments, and customs authority acted fast to support the nation during a crisis.

Real‑world business outcomes

increase in call center efficiency


increase in agent availability


reduction in call abandonment


CSAT with conversational IVR

Learn how you can offer the service your citizens expect while delivering the cost savings you need.