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Government entities are beset by competing priorities far beyond those that most private companies face—taking on progressive technology initiatives can often seem daunting. Still, citizens now expect the same level of intuitive, conversational engagement that banks, airlines and other businesses offer them, and expectations are high.

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Though most public institutions want to boost self-service and security through new capabilities like conversational AI and advanced voice biometrics, tight budgets often don’t allow for a lengthy, wide-ranging transformation. These organizations are now looking to the private sector for proven natural language solutions that can promptly meet citizen demands and drive operational efficiency.

For more than 20 years, Nuance has delivered intelligent contact center solutions to government entities. From court systems and human services to tax departments and health agencies, Nuance solutions can help you provide the highest level of service with an ROI that will meet the public scrutiny placed on your budgets—all while ensuring seamless authentication and proven fraud prevention.

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How AI is delivering a modern voice experience for citizens—in the IVR and beyond.

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You have complex public issues to deal with. Keep your focus on them and engage with Nuance professional services to bring exceptional customer service solutions and self-service capabilities to your contact center operations.

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