Healthcare - Engage patients, improve doctor-patient relationships with omni-channel tools

Offer optimal care, regardless of channel

How do you ensure patients get the same, high level of service no matter how they contact you? Offer a unified engagement platform that offers all the bells and whistles on every channel.

A new tool to improve the healthcare experience and lower operational costs.

Nuance’s omni-channel platform is designed to unify every channel of communication your patients or members choose to use. Giving them the freedom to access care in the way that fits their life without the high costs of live agents or nurse interactions.

Patients now expect healthcare organizations to work with them in the same way their banks, airlines and other business relationships do. That means communicating with consumers through a variety of channels, on their terms, whenever they want.

Utilize a well-designed, conversational IVR or virtual assistant to help enroll new members. Employ two-way text messaging to help patients schedule their care. Virtual assistants, live chat, and outbound messaging can free valuable staff to handle more complex or high risk issues.

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The customer journey often begins with member acquisition. Here, a well-designed, conversational IVR or virtual assistant can help. Nuance’s industry leading omni-channel platform can address benefit inquiries from plan shoppers, or organizations can give a member their enrollment or ID card status through outbound interactive messaging, or assist a patient in selecting and making an appointment with a physician.

Nuance’s omni-channel platform can also be used to improve member and patient adherence. It can employ two-way text messaging to confirm or reschedule appointments, automated voice calls to remind patients of upcoming exams, or send prescription refill reminder emails.

Virtual assistants, live chat, and outbound messaging can also be used to help agents, nurses and health coaches when enrolling and engaging members in chronic disease and wellness management programs. Enrollment can be boosted significantly by supporting enrollment efforts with automated health risk assessments or outbound calls to identified program candidates. Once enrolled in a program, virtual assistants with the ability to escalate to live coach or nurse chat can automate monthly check-ins with chronic patients, freeing valuable staff to handle more complex or high risk cases.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota

Learn more about Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota's vision for customer care and how Nuance is playing a critical role in defining their multi-channel strategy and helping them deploy innovative and intuitive self-service systems.


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Boost in compliance for Sharp Rees-Stealy by using outbound screening reminders to boost compliance with selected quality measures


First contact resolution for one of the country’s largest BCBS plans by using Nuance’s virtual assistant on their website


The call containment for one of the ten largest plans in the country, thanks to Nuance’s Continuous Improvement Program

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