Healthcare – Engage health consumers through the channel of their choice

Reduce missed appointments, boost acquisition and drive adherence

Deliver the seamless experience that consumers have come to expect from healthcare organizations, using Nuance omni‑channel engagement platform. All are enabled by digital, voice, outbound and biometric security product portfolios—powered by AI.

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Improve the healthcare experience and lower operational costs

Nuance’s omni‑channel customer engagement platform unifies every channel of communication your patients or members use. Nuance solutions give them the freedom to access care or customer service in the way that fits their life without the high costs of live agents or nurse interactions.

Patients now expect healthcare organizations to work with them in the same way their banks, airlines and other business relationships do. That means efficiently communicating with consumers through a variety of channels, on their terms, whenever they want.

And with the growth of the individual health plan market and the prominence of CAHPS and other satisfaction scores patient and member experience is more important than ever. Payers, providers and pharmacies are all looking for the intelligent self‑service technologies Nuance provides to 75% of the Fortune 100 to meet these needs while keeping operational costs down.

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Learn how a nationally-recognized provider leveraged outbound communication to reduced missed appointments and improved quality measure compliance.

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Deliver a world‑class experience powered by AI

Watch David connect with his healthcare provider using an IoT device to ask questions about his prescription and talk to a nurse about changing his diet.

BCBS of Minnesota partners with Nuance to deliver service experience

Watch how Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota's vision for customer care and how Nuance is playing a critical role in defining their omni‑channel strategy and helping them deploy innovative and intuitive self‑service healthcare systems.



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Reduction in missed appointment rate for a nationally‑recognized provider using outbound appointment reminders.


First contact resolution for one of the country’s largest BCBS plans using Nuance’s virtual assistant on their website.


The call containment for one of the ten largest plans in the country, thanks to Nuance’s Continuous Improvement Program


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