Utilities—Omni-channel customer service solutions

Powering satisfying customer experiences

Delivering quality customer service for the utilities commissions while controlling costs? Now that’s a powerful idea.

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Plug in to unified self‑service solutions

From century-old infrastructure supporting 21st‑century energy demands to strict PUC regulations impacting collections to siloed communications solutions facing rising customer expectations—it’s never simple in the utility industry.

Nuance is committed to delivering a unified self‑service solution that delivers high customer satisfaction ratings, even when you’re communicating about past‑due bills or service disruptions. We work with 20 of the nation’s largest utilities, including Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric and Alliant Energy, to transform their customer experience.

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Learn how a top utility company realized a substantial lift in payments by engaging delinquent customers through automated interactions.

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Outage communications

When will the lights come on?

Nothing disrupts daily life as thoroughly as when the power goes out. In today’s connected world, running on battery power in the dark—not to mention the cold—is a real source of concern. Within seconds, “How long?” is the question echoing across your service area.

Restoring power to your customer service

Every day, and in difficult times, Nuance self‑service solutions cost‑effectively ensure subscriber goodwill by deflecting calls and creating positive customer experiences.

Customer engagement

Keeping the lights on isn't enough

Today, consumers expect proactive customer service. Over 60% want their utility to inform them of planned outages, while others value appointment and missed payment reminders. And public utility commissions nationwide have started mandating that subscribers be engaged according to their preferences. The question is: Can utilities rise to the challenge and deliver on these new expectations for service?

Energizing your customer engagement

Our intelligent customer self‑service solutions deliver the experience subscribers want and PUCs demand. From personalized outreach to intuitive systems, we help utilities create experiences that deliver customer satisfaction.

Demand response

Managing peak energy consumption with ease

Managing unpredictable peaks in energy demand is an ongoing challenge. Implementing demand response programs to reward customers—both residential and commercial & industrial (C&I)—for rapidly and reliably curtailing their energy consumption has proven to be a successful strategy. Yet it’s not without administrative challenges.

Creating a consistently rewarding customer experience

Our demand response solution enables utilities to quickly contact customers to inform them of power supply strains, gauge the ability to reduce consumption and provide a complete audit trail to ensure regulatory compliance.


Meeting the collections challenge

The high cost of collecting payments weighs on the bottom line. Disconnections are expensive and open up regulatory scrutiny. By reaching out to customers earlier in the process and offering options to self‑cure, you can improve pay rates and customer satisfaction while driving up revenue and driving down contact center costs.

Powered by 150 million past due accounts

Every day, Nuance solutions are working on over $10 billion in accounts receivable for the nation’s top lenders, utilities and communication providers. Put the power of our collections solutions to work for you.

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