Nuance Gatekeeper - Reduce costs and improve IT help desk productivity

Automate the help desk and increase security

Reduce IT costs, improve productivity, and prevent fraud.

IT help desks are inundated with password reset requests from employees.

But necessary security measures create a long, frustrating process that often requires a human IT agent. Every minute spent resetting a password means minutes of lost productivity. And every call to the help desk means added costs associated with IT infrastructure and agent time. Get the infographic to explore more.

Empower employees with fast, secure password resets available 24x7

With Nuance, you can give employees the ability to securely reset their passwords 24x7 with no IT agents involved. Our conversational IVR and biometric authentication solutions can reliably verify employees in seconds in a completely automated way, getting them back to work more quickly, reducing IT costs, and blocking an important fraud attack vector.

Using Nuance’s voice biometrics has dramatically reduced login failures, which was taking agents away from other important activities.

Mohammed Al-Salman
VP Technology
Riyad Bank

IT Help desk security challenges

Outdated employee authentication hurts productivity, adds costs, and leads to fraud.


spent on password resets yearly by large organizations


of IT help desk calls are related to passwords


of cybercrime attacks are password‑related


of fraud attacks occur due to lack of internal controls

Real‑world outcomes

Reduce IT costs, improve employee productivity, and protect your business.


authentication success rate


of audio to authenticate


minutes of employee time saved per password reset


detection of fraud at high accuracy

Why Nuance


enterprise deployments


biometric prints enrolled


transactions secured yearly


annual fraud savings