Nuance Gatekeeper – Secure, frictionless account recovery

Fast, secure account recoveries and password resets

Increase revenue, reduce costs, and prevent fraud in digital transactions.

Every second spent resetting a password increases the likelihood that your customer will abandon their transaction.

But necessary security measures like one‑time passcodes and calls to the contact center add minutes to the process, even as they leave you vulnerable to account takeovers and create costs in your contact center. Get the infographic to explore more.

Streamline and protect the account recovery process with Nuance Gatekeeper

With Nuance Gatekeeper, you can transform outdated account recovery procedures into secure, frictionless experiences. Gatekeeper uses advanced voice biometrics and fraud detectors to securely verify customers in seconds when they request a password reset—improving their experience, reducing costs, and preventing account takeovers.

Using Nuance’s voice biometrics has dramatically reduced login failures, which was taking agents away from other important activities.

Mohammed Al-Salman
VP Technology
Riyad Bank

Challenges of preventing fraud in digital channels

Outdated authentication creates poor experiences, reduces revenue, and leads to fraud.


of people reset a password every 90 days


of shoppers have abandoned an online purchase due to forgetting a password, trouble logging in, or issues receiving a one‑time passcode


of businesses report increasing fraud losses from account takeovers


of SMS‑based account recoveries fail

Real‑world outcomes

Improve experiences, reduce costs, and prevent fraud.


authentication success rate


or less to verify by voice in‑app


detection of fraud at high accuracy


minutes saved per password reset call deflected

Why Nuance


enterprise deployments


biometric prints enrolled


transactions secured yearly


annual fraud savings