Forrester: The Total Economic Impact Of The Nuance Virtual Assistant

Discover how the Nuance Virtual Assistant delivers a 353% three‑year ROI.

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The virtual assistant that pays for itself. Again and again and again.

Customer engagement leaders told Forrester their VA programs had been plagued by hidden costs, unforeseen time commitments, and a lack of in‑house expertise. Until they came to Nuance.

Get your copy of the Forrester Total Economic Impact study to discover how the Nuance Virtual Assistant provides advanced capabilities that create powerful business outcomes—delivering payback in less than six months and a 353% three‑year ROI.

You’ll discover how the Nuance Virtual Assistant can help you:


Reduce costs and improve agent productivity—deflect up to 50% more calls and reduce AHT by 20%


Increase sales with lower cart abandonment and 20% higher conversion rates


Add 20 points to your NPS—and boost customer satisfaction scores by up to 30%


Understand and respond to customer needs, creating experiences that sharpen your competitive edge

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