Authentication and Fraud Prevention Solutions—Omni-channel customer engagement success stories

Voice biometrics

RBS Group fights fraud and protects customers

with Nuance voice biometrics

How do you protect 19 million banking customers from fraud? RBS Group uses Nuance voice biometrics technology to quickly detect fraud attempts coming into its call center, and disrupt organized crime activities across all its customer engagement channels.

Read the case study to discover how RBS and Nuance took the fight to the criminals who are targeting customers' accounts.

You'll discover:


Why it turned to Nuance to get a clearer view of fraud indicators across all its customer engagement channels


How RBS eliminated the need for passwords by recognizing genuine customer voices


How the bank has been able to identify and disrupt organized crime activities to protect its customers and assist law enforcement


How 23,000 alerts have led to cost savings beyond expectations.

Read the full story to discover how Nuance is helping RBS stop fraudsters in their tracks.

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