Navigating the omni-channel fraud and authentication landscape

Navigating the omnichannel fraud and authentication landscape:

How biometrics power modern authentication and fraud prevention strategies, featuring Andras Cser, VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester.

Fraudsters target the path of least resistance and the continued growth of digital channels is changing the battle between brands and criminals. To combat the problem, Nuance commissioned Forrester Consulting and Andras Cser, VP & Principal Analyst, to understand how attack vectors are evolving along with the strategies that financial services, telecommunications, retail and other organizations are deploying to defend themselves and their customers.

The findings are available in this Forrester Consulting Opportunity Snapshot and its companion webinar, infographic, and 36‑second video. They provide insight from more than 500 US and Canadian fraud and authentication decision makers to help organizations learn:


How fraud is moving beyond telephony in the contact center to web, mobile and other digital channels


Enterprises’ readiness to prevent fraud across channels


The importance of cross‑channel authentication to fraud prevention


Strategies organizations are using to identify fraudsters and combat fraud, including the growing adoption of biometrics to lessen the financial and reputational costs of fraud while improving CX for legitimate customers

Get the resources to learn more about biometrics and omnichannel authentication and fraud prevention:

— Forrester Opportunity Snapshot
— Nuance webinar featuring Andras, Cser, VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester
— Infographic
— 36‑second video

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