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Fraud prevention and detection resource center

Increase security while improving ease of access

Most fraud prevention strategies add friction to customer experiences or employee workflows and rely on low‑fidelity signals, complex rules, or reactionary analysis.

Intelligent anti‑fraud solutions from Nuance raise the barrier against fraudsters while lowering it for legitimate customers and employees by focusing on the person behind every interaction.

Customer outcomes

Increase security against fraudsters without compromising ease of access for legitimate customers.


Fraud prevented every year


ROI from reduced financial losses due to fraud


Authentication rates


Shorter fraud detection delays

Preventing fraud with omnichannel biometric security

Discover how Nuance customers are preventing and detecting fraud in every channel using voice, conversational, and behavioral biometrics.

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Bret Beranek
Vice President, Biometrics and Security
Nuance Communications

Thought leadership

Next level fraud prevention

Learn how Nuance Gatekeeper can help improve experiences, lower operational costs, mitigate fraud losses, and protect the brand through secure, seamless biometric authentication and intelligent, proactive fraud detection.

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