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Fraud detection
and prevention

Combating fraud to protect the business and your customers.

Prevent fraud and protect the brand

Discover how improving operational efficiency and increasing revenue opportunity can multiply the impact you have every day on your organization. Nuance’s AI powered biometric solution enables you to aggressively detect and prevent fraud, helping to mitigate risk, avoid disruption and minimize lost revenue, all while protecting the customer and your business.

Market-leading biometric security technology

For the second year in a row, Nuance was named the top biometrics vendor by Opus Research in its Intelligent Authentication and Fraud Prevention Intelliview Report. If you’re considering biometrics solutions, this is significant - the 2020 report puts Nuance at the top of the Leader quadrant ahead of 19 competitors because its customers report better ROIs, higher fraud loss savings, and higher authentication success rates than organizations deploying competing solutions.

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Opus 2020 Intelliview

Opus Research: 2020 Intelligent Authentication and Fraud Prevention Intelliview analyst report

See why Opus Research ranks Nuance as the Leader in biometric authentication and fraud prevention solutions.

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Empowering your fraud teams to operate more effectively and efficiently.

Financial Institutions
& Banking

Discover how we help FI's and their teams to increase fraud identification rates while preventing $500M+ in fraud losses within the first year.



Discover how we help Telecommunication clients and their teams decrease average handling time by 89 seconds while increasing customer engagement.


Retail, Healthcare, Government & others

Discover how we help retailers, governments, health systems and others prevent over 4,000 fraud attempts, generating $7M in savings.


Tangible ROI

The Nuance difference

Comprehensive, layered solution across digital and voice channels.

Industry expertise

90% detection of fraud attempts.
Expertise in identifying fraudsters before they can commit fraud, thereby preventing fraud losses for the organization and enabling fraud team to collaborate with law enforcement to put an end to fraudster activity.

AI Technology

AI-enabled intelligence
detection capabilities.

Providing fourth generation deep neural networks— leading to unrivaled authentication and fraud outcomes.

Continuous improvement

Leverages each interaction to continuously improve performance.
The more a customer interacts with you, the better their performance gets.

Deeply integrated solution delivers optimized workflows and supports better collaboration across teams.

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