Banking & financial Institutions

Fraud detection and prevention

Imagine realizing a $500M+ reduction in fraud losses within the first year.

Everything you do improves exponentially with Nuance as your trusted partner. We can help you improve financial performance and prevent fraud by proactively detecting and identifying fraudsters.

Discover how we help banks and other financial institutions dramatically reduce financial losses by empowering agents to become more efficient, working securely in ways that are best for them, and improving job satisfaction and customer experience.

Fidelity Investments
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Discover how Fidelity is leading the charge on timely topics including working remotely, social engineering, identifying theft, watch lists, voice biometrics and more in the changing landscape of COVID-19.

Prudential Financial
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Learn how Prudential is using a layered approach leveraging AI-powered technology to prevent fraud, empower their agents and simplify the customer experience.

BNY Mellon
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Learn how BNY Mellon developed a multi-channel fraud detection and prevention program, layering AI-powered authentication and risk scoring calls, empowering their agents to easily identify fraudulent activity when it occurs.

The real cost of fraud: Victims and tech companies fight back

Hear a real-life account from a fraud victim who lost $1M in less than 1 hour and see how technology companies are fighting back against SIM swap and other types of fraud, and learn how your organization can protect its customers.

Biometric authentication. Better security. Better experience.

To combat the near‑constant attacks by hackers while providing legitimate customers with the highest levels of security and convenience, organizations use Nuance’s integrated fraud and authentication solutions to save millions of dollars while keeping customers happy and their accounts safe.

See what you + Nuance can do

Empowering your fraud teams to operate more effectively and efficiently.

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