Nuance fraud detection and prevention for Banking & Financial Institutions

Fraud detection
and prevention

Imagine realizing a $500M+ reduction in fraud losses within the first year.

Everything you do improves exponentially with Nuance as your trusted partner. We can help you improve financial performance and prevent fraud by proactively detecting and identifying fraudsters.

Discover how we help banks and other financial institutions dramatically reduce financial losses by empowering agents to become more efficient, working securely in ways that are best for them, and improving job satisfaction and customer experience.

Fidelity Investments
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Discover how Fidelity is leading the charge on timely topics including working remotely, social engineering, identifying theft, watch lists, voice biometrics and more in the changing landscape of COVID-19.

Prudential Financial
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Learn how Prudential is using a layered approach leveraging AI-powered technology to prevent fraud, empower their agents and simplify the customer experience.

BNY Mellon
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Learn how BNY Mellon developed a multi-channel fraud detection and prevention program, layering AI-powered authentication and risk scoring calls, empowering their agents to easily identify fraudulent activity when it occurs.

How social disruption drives contact center fraud

When our world changes, fraud thrives. One financial institution saw a 2X increase in fraud attempts by legitimate account holders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn how some fraud leaders are taking advantage of emergent technologies such as biometrics and credibility authentication, to better protect their customers and their businesses during challenging times.

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White paper: How social disruption drives contact center fraud

Discover how disruption-driven fraud impacts customer contact centers.

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Fighting fraud and protecting customers

How do you protect 19 million banking customers across 12 banking and financial services brands from fraud?

Discover how this organization achieved:

• 17M screened calls
• 23,000 fraud alerts
• 300% ROI

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Case Study: Royal Bank of Scotland case study

Learn how this organization saved money and disrupted organized crime in less than one year.

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Leveraging AI for fraud detection and prevention

Banks are accelerating the use of AI to transform the way they operate, detecting patterns in money laundering schemes, verifying customers and monitoring for suspicious payment behavior shifts.

Representatives from the following companies include, Deloitte Canada, FundThrough, Grupo Financiero Banorte, Nuance and Scotiabank.

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Blog: AI’s Impact on Banking: 5 Takeaways from the World of AI NA Summit

During COVID-19 banks are seeing an uptick in fraud. AI-powered biometrics allow clients to use their voice or face to verify their identity without answering a myriad of security questions.

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Protecting your contact center from fraud

The contact center is the front door for criminal activity. Organizations generally have fraud detection as a separate unit focused on transactional activity, leaving the contact center wide open for criminals to attack. So how do you combat account takeover when it’s standing on your front steps? Javelin recommends a collaborative approach and by deploying new security technology.

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Read Javelin Report: Securing the Contact Center

Advancements in AI technology improve security, minimize risk and prevent fraud. Find out how you can become a next generation contact center.

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