Guide: Mind the IVR-to-digital gap

Better together | IVR and digital

Guide: Mind the IVR‑to‑digital gap.

How to bridge silos for a better customer experience.

Digital hasn’t killed the IVR. It’s pushed it to be even better.

All the time, money and effort you’ve spent to shift customers away from the contact center to lower‑cost digital channels are in vain if your IVR can’t take them there too.

Imagine if your IVR could direct callers straight to digital channels while bringing along all their contextual data—for a faster path to resolution. It sounds great, but the trouble is the IVR usually sits in a silo, disconnected from the exciting new digital experiences that grab all the headlines (and budget).

That’s where an IVR‑to‑digital strategy becomes critical, providing a way for your IVR to offer customers an alternative solution—like live chat or a virtual assistant that’s better suited to resolving their issues quickly (and saving you money).

Download this guide to learn how to seamlessly bridge the gap between IVR and digital channels.

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Some things are better together.

On its own, IVR is a powerful tool. And so are digital channels, like virtual assistants and live chat. But when you combine them—that’s when the real magic happens. When messaging fields a greater share of incoming inquiries. When your IVR can contain calls by handing off to your chatbots. When agents have more time to focus on the issues only they can solve.

Simply put—IVR and digital are better together.