Chatbot fails: 11 reasons they break and how to fix them


Chatbot fails: 11 reasons they break and how to fix them

How to optimize your chatbot to improve CSAT

Better customer engagement, all around.

Despite the “chat” in their name, many chatbots aren’t great at holding a conversation. That can result in a frustrating experience for your customers, and a negative impact on customer satisfaction scores.

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Use customer insights to identify the most helpful behaviors for your chatbot


Play to the strengths of each channel for an impressive conversational experience


Establish your escalation strategy and make the transition to an agent seamless when needed


Deliver more secure self‑service experiences to protect customers from fraudsters

Whether you’re about to release your first virtual assistant into the world, or you’re wondering why your existing one isn’t working as planned—we’ll share the last word on chatbot success.

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