Guide: Educate, deflect and delight

Better together | IVR and digital

Guide: Educate, deflect, and delight.

Best practices for moving callers to digital channels

You know that your digital channels often provide superior customer experiences—from faster responses, to faster resolutions. But do your customers?

When a customer’s natural instinct is to call, helping them to discover the joy of digital can be a challenge.

But approach it in the right way, and you will not only convert them to digital engagement, you’ll delight them in the process—reducing your call volumes and increasing contact center efficiency.

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How to help customers discover your digital channels


Where digital channels can help you offer smarter customer experiences


When to use SMS, WhatsApp and mobile provider messaging

In this guide, we’ll explore what you stand to gain by successfully moving customers to digital channels. Then we’ll share four best practices for doing exactly that.

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Some things are better together.

On its own, IVR is a powerful tool. And so are digital channels, like virtual assistants and live chat. But when you combine them—that’s when the real magic happens. When messaging fields a greater share of incoming inquiries. When your IVR can contain calls by handing off to your chatbots. When agents have more time to focus on the issues only they can solve.

Simply put—IVR and digital are better together.