Better member experience, all around.

Amplify your contact center across channels

Nuance's AI‑driven solutions allow you to meet your members where they are. No matter the channel, you can use AI technology to amplify your contact center; quickly directing your members to the right care management team, enabling self‑service, and putting your members in control.

Becker's white paper, sponsored by Microsoft + Nuance

How data and AI turbocharge a frictionless member experience

Providing a seamless member experience continues to be a major challenge across health plans. Technology is no longer a “nice to have” for transforming engagement—it’s a necessity.

AI-first member engagement

Explore how we can help you deliver superior member experiences and empower care management teams across any or all moments of a member’s journey.

Nuance is a part of the Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform

Explore our comprehensive yet flexible solution designed to deliver seamless member journeys.

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Case study

How Humana created an effortless member experience

Learn how Humana replaced a legacy call center IVR (interactive voice response) with Nuance Cloud IVR to create a more seamless experience that support over 13 million members with more than 1,000 complex intents.

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The future of customer engagement is bright with Microsoft and Nuance

Explore why Nuance and Microsoft have never been more confident in our ability to continue offering organizations unprecedented AI‑powered customer engagement solutions.