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Because there's no such thing as a strong password

In these unprecedented times, contact center interactions are increasing across voice and digital channels. More than ever, Nuance biometric solutions help by automating the authentication process and cutting Average Handle Time while providing the security and convenience that customers want.

Nuance Voice Biometrics

My voice is my password

PINs and passwords aren't just inefficient ways to authenticate identity—they're destroying your brand. See the differences that biometric authentication makes to customers by providing better security without sacrificing the low-effort experiences they want and minimizing their laundry bills!

Case studies

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Virtual Roundtable Series

Experience biometric authentication

The best way to appreciate the security, speed and convenience of biometrics is to experience it yourself. We’ve created an Interactive Voice Response system to discover exactly what it’s like to be authenticated by your voice. To get started, request your access code.

Nuance will collect and process a recording of your voice to create a voiceprint in our systems in the United States. The voiceprint will be used to demonstrate the authentication and fraud prevention capabilities of Nuance biometrics technology. The personal data you provide will be processed in accordance with Nuance’s Privacy Policy. By requesting an access code you expressly consent to our use of the data you provide and our Privacy Policy. You may withdraw your consent at any time.

Fraud detection and prevention

To provide the highest levels of security and convenience to legitimate customers while combating the near‑constant attacks by hackers, organizations use Nuance’s integrated authentication and fraud prevention solutions to keep customers happy and their accounts safe while saving millions of dollars.

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