Accelerating sales with CX

Better customer experience, all around.

Accelerating sales through better CX

Join our team of retail CX experts as we discuss the best kept customer engagement secrets from leading retail brands.

Series sessions

Empowering superhuman agents with AI: driving agent efficiency and customer satisfaction

In this roundtable, we explore the latest AI tools and tech that have the potential to transform the performance of your agents (and delight your customers). You’ll learn how to:

  • Leverage virtual assistants for routine inquiries, freeing human agents to solve complex issues
  • Use AI to support agents with real‑time, contextual customer information, best practice advice, compliance reminders, and product or offer recommendations
  • Onboard agents faster, train them better, and keep them longer
  • Use authentication and fraud prevention solutions to improve the agent experience, while protecting your brand
Putting personalization into practice: real‑world steps to boost sales and service

In this jam‑packed 30‑minute session, our experts discuss personalization best practices, important dos and don’ts, and several real‑world examples—giving you the concrete next steps you can take in the coming months to get started (or optimize the programs you’ve already begun).

We discuss:

  • The principles of successful personalization
  • Employing data integrations for cross-sell recommendations
  • The growing importance and use of conversational AI
  • Personalization in use at leading brands
  • Use of predictive analytics in customer service

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