Webinar: Securing the FI Contact Center

Nuance presents

Securing the FI Contact Center

Examine the realities in Financial Services contact centers and why there is urgency in making technology upgrades today and not waiting for tomorrow.

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Better fraud prevention, all around.

Identity fraud continues to escalate in the United States as criminals take advantage of the multiple access points to take over accounts and develop new techniques to attack enterprises with stolen or synthetic identities. During these unprecedented times, fraudsters have wasted little time launching account takeover, subscription and other fraud attacks. Fighting and preventing fraud requires multiple channels to be engaged simultaneously to authenticate and validate a real customer.

The Javelin Research/Nuance webinar highlights key findings of the Javelin report, Securing the Contact Center, including emerging fraud patterns, processes and technology available to minimize the risk while causing minimal friction.

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Key elements of Financial Services contact center security that are required to secure consumer identity and reduce loss rates


Technology criminals are using to perpetrate fraud and why this is causing increased risk


Understanding the urgency to deploy biometric authentication through multiple channels as a method to improve fraud detection

About the presenters

Krista Tedder

Director, Fraud and Security, Javelin Research

Simon Marchand

Chief Fraud Prevention Officer, Nuance

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