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"Ask the expert" on‑demand webinar series

Retail Secret Sauce

Learn the best kept customer engagement secrets so you can transform your customer’s buying experience.

Better customer engagement, all around.

Watch our on‑demand “Ask the Expert” series to learn how AI‑powered solutions are shaping the future of retail shopping by delivering secure, personalized, and innovative experiences to meet new demands and growing customer expectations.

Series sessions:


Shifting Customers to Digital

Shifting shoppers to digital channels relieves the pressure on your contact center. And by addressing the right use cases in the right way, the digital shift also increases customer satisfaction, giving them more control and faster resolutions in the channels they are already using.

Jim Stoeckel, Sr. Principal Product Manager, shares best practices to transition retail customers to digital channels, significantly reducing call center volumes, saving time and money, all while improving customer satisfaction.


Applying AI & Personalization in Retail

When you know who you’re engaging with, you can use prediction to provide enhanced experiences that increase loyalty and revenue—and dramatically reduce the burden on your contact center.

In this session, Eduardo Olvera, Sr. Manager, explains how to best use predictive analytics to anticipate customers’ needs. Using data from a customer’s profile and shopping history, top brands are using AI to provide product recommendations—thrilling their customers and increasing revenue.


Fighting Fraud & Removing Friction

The cost of retail fraud soon stacks up. Fraud costs retailers $3.36 for every $1 lost. But more than that, it damages brand reputations and customer trust. Retailers need to tighten fraud prevention—without adding friction to the customer experience.

Simon Marchand, Principal Fraud Prevention Officer, describes how voice and behavioral biometrics can enhance your brand’s fraud prevention efforts, while driving personalization, boosting sales, and increasing operational efficiency.


Making the Most of Messaging

Your customers use messaging apps to connect with friends, family, and colleagues every day. So, bring that convenience and simplicity to engagements with your brand.

In this session, David Goldstein, Principal Product Manager at Nuance Communications and Katie Osberg, Global Retail Partnerships at Google share their vast expertise in channel messaging. Topics will include deciding which channels are best for your needs, being proactive with messaging, and how to get the most out of Google's Business Messages.

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