Nuance Security & Biometrics

On-Demand Demonstration

Nuance clients are extending the value of their existing voice applications with biometrics. See how adding biometric authentication provides your customers with added security without adding friction or effort.

Data breaches and the dark web have made traditional methods like PINs, passwords and PII vulnerable. Whether you authenticate customers in the IVR or using live agents, Nuance has a better way that leverages your existing Nuance applications and investments: Biometrics.

Nuance is a global leader in biometric-based authentication and fraud prevention. Organizations of all sizes and across industries use Nuance biometrics to provide customers with faster, easier security while simultaneously driving call containment and lower AHT. Stronger authentication also enables improved fraud prevention.

See for yourself in a demonstration. Join Dima Cichi, PMP, BEng., Nuance senior product manager, as she demonstrates passive and active biometric authentication in the IVR and live agent environments.