Biometrics for telecoms

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Improve security and customer experience with biometrics

Explore how biometrics empower telecom organizations to strengthen fraud prevention while improving customer care.

Better fraud prevention, all around.

In 2019 alone, telecom organizations lost $32.7 billion worldwide to fraud. Telcos hoping to protect and retain their customers must now tighten information security without complicating customer-facing processes.

With the help of biometrics, telecom organizations can simplify customer authentication while deterring fraudsters. Telcos that adopt biometrics as part of their security strategies can position themselves as trusted service providers, leading to higher retention rates.

Access the white paper, “Biometrics for Telecoms: Improving customer authentication and fraud prevention,” for an in‑depth look into:


The current state of fraud in the telecom sector


Why biometrics are critical for improving security and providing richer customer experiences


How the use of biometrics has evolved over time in the telecommunications industry

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