How disruption can transform voice channels

Research report

How disruption can transform voice channels

We reveal the state of the world’s IVRs at the start of 2020—to discover how disruption can drive positive change.

When customers need change overnight, contact centers with a flexible, full‑featured IVR can respond faster, more strategically, and more effectively. But how common were such IVRs at the start of 2020? And how has the disruption of recent months been a catalyst for positive change? Download our research report to learn why few IVRs were ready for this year’s challenges.

You'll discover:


Our global findings—as well as key insights from North America


Which IVR capabilities were common at the start of this year, and which weren’t


Why personalization, integration, and authentication are so valuable during disruption


How some brands have successfully adapted their IVRs at speed

You’ll also learn how to benchmark your own IVR, identifying current strengths and areas for improvement.

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