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Welcome to this quarter’s edition of Nuance IQ. This time around we’re looking at the growing role of AI technologies in contact center security and fraud prevention, showing how they can help brands protect their customers—and even serve them better.

We look at why a cross-channel approach to fraud prevention is essential in today’s fraud landscape and show how AI-powered biometrics technology can help take the fight to the fraudsters—all without impacting customer experience (and in fact bolstering it). Plus, be sure to join us for our exclusive webinar “The biometrics win-win: How leading brands are beating fraud while improving CX.”

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The biometrics win-win: How leading brands are beating fraud while improving CX

Join us for a live webinar on Tuesday, December 10th at 11am PT/2pm ET, where experts from our Security and Biometrics team will be discussing:

  • How fraud attempts are evolving—and why contact centers need to adapt to keep up
  • Why robust fraud prevention doesn’t need to come at the cost of CX
  • Which contact center solutions combine the best of security and customer experience
Feature article

Taking the fight to the fraudsters on every channel – disrupt, defeat

Simon Marchand, Nuance’s Chief Fraud Prevention Officer, looks at how the fraud battle lines are shifting—and how AI technologies can help businesses win the fight.

Every year, fraudsters cost the world’s businesses billions of dollars. And while the direct financial losses may be easy to quantify, the indirect losses from damage to brand reputations and consumer trust can be harder to define—but they’re still very real. 

Fraud perpetrated through the contact center and other customer engagement channels too often ends up funding people trafficking, drug running or terrorist attacks. In the new world of criminal and terrorist networks working together across the dark web, businesses don’t just have a responsibility to limit their losses; they must also play their part in helping protect all of us from the crimes that blight our society.    

And one of the key things that can help businesses protect themselves, their customers and society in general, is a well-executed cross-channel fraud prevention strategy.


See Nuance Security & Biometrics in action

Nuance clients are extending the value of their existing voice applications with biometrics. See for yourself how adding biometric authentication provides your customers with added security without adding friction or effort.

Watch this on-demand demonstration of passive and active biometric authentication in the IVR and live agent environments.

Innovation heroes

Deutsche Telekom delivers innovative customer experiences with Nuance Voice Biometrics

Deutsche Telekom, Europe’s largest telecoms provider, became the first German company to adopt voice biometrics in its contact centers. Now, customers can simply speak to be authenticated, without having to remember a 10-digit customer number.

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