Intelligent appointment management using automated voice, email, text and push notifications

The wait is over: Improve patient engagement and communication

Ready to see fewer no‑shows, deeper patient engagement and greater ROI? It's time to rethink appointment management.

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Improve patient experience while reducing operational costs

On average, 13% of patients do not show up for their appointments, 30% of clinician time goes unused and 50% of canceled appointments can be rescheduled with an automated system. All these trends significantly impact physicians and their practices.

For more than 20 years, Nuance has powered customer engagement solutions including appointment, billing and payment reminders, across major industries, including healthcare, banking and transportation, helping Fortune 500 companies attract and retain their customers through AI‑enabled digital, voice, outbound and biometric security products.

Nuance Appointment Management solutions help healthcare organizations by automating the appointment management processes while meeting your patients’ and physicians’ expectations.

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Reaching your customers where they want

Nuance Appointment Management solutions enhance the customer experience while reducing no-shows. See how your healthcare organization can proactively reach your patients to confirm, reschedule and more.


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Cost of no-shows to the US healthcare system


of young adults prefer texts for reminders but only 18% of providers use text messaging


A Baldrige award‑winning organization reduced missed appointments by 25% with proactive communications, resulting in annual savings of $2.5 million. Get the case study.


Case in point: An award‑winning provider cuts no‑shows to 3%

With more than 1 million clinic visits annually and nearly 2 million calls into its contact center, patient engagement was a big (and daunting) task for this large Malcom Baldrige National Award winning provider. Their existing appointment reminder solution—which primarily delivered lackluster, unengaging robocalls—was unsophisticated and unreliable.

Once they replaced it with a modern appointment management solution that engages patients through an orchestrated mix of text, voice, email and smartphone push notifications, the results were immediate and ongoing.
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reduction in the no‑show rate in the first 3 months – with no‑show rates dropping to just 3%


reduction in live agent costs after starting to use the system to encourage patients to schedule cancer screenings and other services


in recaptured revenue, thanks to real‑time integration with other systems that allow canceled appointments to be freed up for rebooking

No more robocalls!


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