Incident communication - Send immediate and accurate messages

Keep communication channels open in an emergency

Speed recovery and ensure safety with a proven automated notification solution that enables rapid response to a critical incident by keeping communications open across a wide range of channels.

Be informed. Be ready.

Immediate and accurate communication relaying the right information to the right people is critical in the first moments following a disruptive event. Eliminate confusion and restore operations faster with messaging to a regional, national, or global footprint.

Nuance Incident Communications works by synchronizing contact data and preferences, allowing an administrator to create messages and choose an audience on the fly, from anywhere. The Nuance platform quickly sends out these messages through preferred channels, and audiences are then able to use the information to deploy resources, maintain safety, and begin recovery work. Post-incident reporting and audit trails help analyze and document the events for compliance and learning.

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Speed recovery and ensure safety with a proven automated notification solution.

Learn how Nuance Incident Communications can help deliver rapid response messages across channels.