Inform and remind - Proactive alerts and billing reminders using emails, texts and push notifications.

Keep your customers in the know

The Nuance inform and remind product proactively engages your customers and patients across channels with alerts, notifications and reminders. All to encourage desired actions – and enhance your relationship.

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A friendly reminder that drives consumer action

Sometimes, a little nudge goes a long way. In a recent study, consumers said that receiving proactive alerts, billing reminders or notifications could have helped them avoid an issue like incomplete forms, expired credentials and missed deliveries or appointments. In fact, these same consumers claim they would call customer service if a company did not proactively reach out about an issue.

Enter the Nuance proactive notification platform’s inform and remind notification system, which enables you to orchestrate outreach using interactive voice response and SMS alerts, email and push notifications. The cloud‑based platform reduces inbound operational costs through call deflection—all while increasing the likelihood that your customers will take that next step.

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Hear from Nuance experts how proactive notifications is more than just Outbound


Inform and remind - delivers impact and results


A Pioneer Accountable Care Organization reduced missed appointments by 25% upon using proactive communications, resulting in annual savings of $2.5 million.


A leading airline reduced inbound calls related to flight delays by 44% by utilizing timely outbound notifications.


A regional bank realized a five-fold increase in borrower response by using interactive voice messages over direct mail to introduce a new refinancing program.


Automate interactions to anticipate needs

Learn how the Nuance proactive notifications platform can help inform and remind customers about your business.