Nuance Gatekeeper and Amazon Connect—secure biometrics for the cloud

Amazon Connect enhanced with secure biometrics

The world’s most advanced biometrics system for authentication and fraud prevention easily works with your Amazon Connect contact center to secure your business and reinforce your relationship with your customers.

Amazon Connect and Nuance Gatekeeper—secure biometrics on the cloud

As you migrate or set up your contact center for the cloud with Amazon Connect, Nuance Gatekeeper is ready to easily and seamlessly integrate with your contact center. Nuance Gatekeeper will provide fast and secure authentication to improve your agent efficiency and customer satisfaction, while providing you the world’s leading biometric authentication and fraud prevention system. Nuance Gatekeeper offers you:

Why Nuance security solutions?

Whether it’s Nuance Gatekeeper for a cloud SaaS security solution or an on‑premises deployment, you will reap the significant benefits in terms of security across multiple channels. As an AI‑based system, our Security & Biometrics platform makes decisions using an unparalleled set of characteristics and traits about the caller. This includes the fastest and most accurate voice biometrics engine in the world and a combination of other layered security factors, like conversational biometrics. Learn more about our Security & Biometrics authentication and fraud prevention capabilities here.


Enterprise deployments


People secured by voiceprint


Protected transactions annually


Annual fraud savings


Authentication success rate


Second AHT reduction in contact center

Amazon Connect integration

The power of Nuance Gatekeeper can be fully integrated with your Amazon Connect contact center in a few simple steps:

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