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We are bringing Nuance Security and Biometrics to the cloud with Nuance Gatekeeper. Nuance Security and Biometrics solutions are integrated with multi‑modal biometrics that help organizations protect themselves and their customers across voice and digital channels.

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The importance of security cannot be understated. Today's businesses rely on working with known customers in a friction-free environment. To get to that level of customer service, organizations need to be confident that their customer is who they say they are. Unfortunately to reach this understanding most companies put walls up for their customers in the forms of PINs, passwords and challenge questions and treat them as guilty until proven innocent. Needless to say, customers are not happy.

Leading organizations around the world are addressing this problem with new technologies including biometric security. With biometric security solutions, a customer can be authenticated using just their voice, face or other biometric modalities and fraudsters can be caught as they impersonate people. This leads to happier customers and millions saved from fraud. This significantly reduced effort drives higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Authentication Biometrics Fraud Public Security Nuance

Opus Research: 2019 Intelligent Authentication and Voice Biometrics Intelliview analyst report

Learn how biometrics successfully balances security and convenience to provide zero‑effort authentication, and why Opus Research named Nuance “the undisputed market share leader” among 13 vendors.

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Authentication Biometrics Fraud Public Security Nuance

Virginia Credit Union case study

"Our authentication process was cumbersome, and members didn't like it. We needed a smarter, better way to verify our members' identity." — Kate Hopson, AVP/Manager, Contact Center

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Biometric authentication

Biometric authentication: A customer's view

What makes a customer happy? Being able to get right to their problem without having to prove who they are. With biometric technology from Nuance, customers increase their satisfaction by authenticating naturally with the sound of their voice, face or even the way they interact with the device.

Why Nuance

CNN Money reports on the power of biometrics

Leading financial institutions are leveraging voice and facial biometrics to keep customers secure—and fraudsters at bay. Watch this CNN Money report to see how Nuance security solutions deliver effortless authentication.


The need for voice biometrics is clear


Of customers are dissatisfied with today’s automated customer authentication.

Opus Research

42 seconds

Average Handle Time (AHT) saved with each call when companies switch to voice authentication.

Opus Research


Every dollar of fraud costs organizations nearly 2.5 times more than the actual cost itself.


Nuance IQ Magazine

How do you stay ahead of the fraudsters? Innovate!


What industry analysts are saying about Nuance biometrics


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