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These unprecedented times create new challenges for contact center and fraud leaders. More than ever, Nuance voice, behavioral and other biometric solutions deliver the security, speed and convenience that brands require and customers love while preventing increased fraud attacks.

Market-leading biometric security technology

In its 2019 Intelligent Authentication and Voice Biometrics Intelliview, Opus Research looked at 13 vendors and evaluated each solution’s ability to streamline omni-channel customer authentication and stop fraudsters through all points of access and evaluated not only voice biometric tech, but also behavioral, non‑biometric factors and anti‑spoofing offerings.

Read the report and learn why Opus research names Nuance the “undisputed market leader” in Intelligent Authentication and Voice Biometrics.

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Opus Research: 2019 Intelligent Authentication and Voice Biometrics Intelliview analyst report

Learn how biometrics successfully balances security and convenience to provide zero‑effort authentication, and why Opus Research named Nuance “the undisputed market share leader” among 13 vendors.

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Award-winning biometrics technology

Across industries and geographies, Nuance is recognized for its innovative biometric authentication and fraud prevention technology.


The need for voice biometrics is clear


Of customers are dissatisfied with today’s automated customer authentication.

Opus Research

42 seconds

Average Handle Time (AHT) saved with each call when companies switch to voice authentication.

Opus Research


Every dollar of fraud costs organizations nearly 2.5 times more than the actual cost itself.



Improved security & customer satisfaction

The importance of security cannot be understated. Today's businesses rely on working with known customers in a friction‑free environment. To get to that level of customer service, organizations need to be confident that their customer is who they say they are. This is why leading organizations around the world are addressing this problem with our AI‑driven biometric security solutions.

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How do you stay ahead of the fraudsters? Innovate!

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Authentication and fraud prevention

To provide the highest levels of security and convenience to legitimate customers while combating the near‑constant attacks by hackers, organizations use Nuance’s integrated authentication and fraud prevention solutions to keep customers happy and their accounts safe while saving millions of dollars. Visit our authentication and fraud prevention information portals for more information.

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Biometric authentication: A customer's view

What industry analysts are saying about Nuance biometrics


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