Simple and secure voice biometric authentication

My voice is my password

There’s nothing easier and more secure than using voice biometric authentication. Isn’t it time your company switched to the world’s most trusted authentication solution?

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Voice is the popular choice

Nuance authentication enables easy and secure biometric authentication using just a person’s voice.

Nuance Gatekeeper is trusted by hundreds of organizations around the world to verify the identity of millions of individuals daily during their interactions with an interactive voice response (IVR).

Users just speak a simple passphrase to validate their identity. With Nuance Gatekeeper, customers are finally free from having to remember and update passwords. Their voice is as unique as their fingerprint so it can never be hacked or stolen. Nuance Gatekeeper offers your customers the simplest authentication available while reducing your costs and risks.

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Learn how Nuance helped one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies successfully deploy voice biometrics to replace Customer ID, PINs, passwords and security questions.

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of users are frustrated with existing authentication


of users prefer voice biometrics over the status quo


of people say they are more concerned about their online privacy and security today than they were a year ago

Replacing PINs, passwords and security questions

Watch the remarkably simple, yet secure login process powered by a voice biometric authentication system. No PINs, passwords, or security questions to remember ever again.

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