Biometric authentication solutions for fraud prevention

Stop impersonators, fraudsters and identity thieves in their tracks and leave them speechless

Put AI-powered, multi-modal biometric technology and targeted fraud prevention techniques on your side with Nuance Security Suite. Our fraud solution accurately identifies the criminals behind account‑takeover attempts enabling organizations to go from fraud displacement to fraud prosecution.

Stop fraud before it starts

Nuance fraud solutions find known and unknown fraudsters impersonating legitimate customers and stop criminal activities in the contact center and on mobile apps and websites.

New and repeat career criminals attempt to steal from institutions every day. Nuance helps by highlighting risky transactions from known and new fraudsters—flagging agents in under 10 seconds. Our new Intelligent Detectors stop criminals before they can commit a crime. And with continuous authentication, Nuance customers can identify when a fraudster is using purloined credentials and "man in the middle" attacks.

This fraud challenge is only poised to grow with the increasing number of channels on which consumers engage and the rise of the digital wallet. Fraudsters do not approach account access in a siloed manner; instead, they take advantage of the growing channels, devices, and access points. In order to truly combat fraud, organizations need to have a cross-channel security approach that stops fraudsters wherever and however they attack.

Nuance is the established market leader in biometrics delivering a comprehensive solution for fraud detection, fraud prevention and authentication that works seamlessly on a common platform to mitigate direct financial losses.

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Biometric Authentication Fraud Prevention Nuance

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Biometric Authentication Fraud Prevention Nuance

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The results are in


of enterprises have fallen victim to social engineering in 2016.


of call center fraud is perpetrated by the same actors.


of consumers use the same passwords for online banking, emails and social media accounts.


of data breaches happen because of exploitation of weak or stolen passwords.


A comprehensive security solution for voice and digital channels

Combatting fraud goes beyond just catching perpetrators. A complete solution is needed to prevent, prosecute and beat fraud.


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Learn how Nuance Security Suite can help stop criminals from impersonating your customers.