Biometric authentication technology

Authenticate customers with biometrics

In these unprecedented times, contact center interactions are increasing across voice and digital channels. More than ever, Nuance biometric solutions help by automating the authentication process and cutting Average Handle Time while providing the security and convenience that customers want.

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Biometric authentication

Secure biometric authentication:
A customer's view

What makes a customer happy? Being able to get right to their problem without having to prove who they are. With biometric technology from Nuance, customers increase their satisfaction by authenticating naturally with the sound of their voice, face or even the way they interact with the device.


Award‑winning biometrics technology

Across industries and geographies, Nuance is recognized for its innovative biometric authentication and fraud prevention technology.

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Heed the call of smarter authentication


of users say authentication is time‑consuming and frustrating.


of mobile users reset passwords at least once a month and usually reuse a password.


An account takeover incident on average costs consumers five times more than for any other type of fraud.

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Nuance IQ Magazine

How do you stay ahead of the fraudsters? Innovate

Nuance Innovation Quarterly: The Security Edition
Take a deep dive into the world of security in the contact center and beyond. Get real‑life stories from the fraud battlefield and hear tales from the pioneers of AI security.

Using voice biometrics for customer authentication

Leading financial institutions are leveraging voice biometrics to keep customers secure—and fraudsters at bay. Watch this video to hear about the benefits voice biometrics provides for your customers and your organization.

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