Nuance FreeSpeech - Biometric voice authentication system

The most natural way to authenticate: Biometric authentication using speech

Nuance FreeSpeech authenticates a caller in as little as six seconds, just by listening to their normal conversation. No passwords, no PINs, what could be easier?

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Offer your callers the security and ease of FreeSpeech

Nuance FreeSpeech verifies a caller's identity during a natural conversation. The FreeSpeech system transparently analyzes over a hundred unique voice characteristics while the customer is talking to a call center agent and compares these characteristics with the relevant stored voiceprint in seconds. The call is never interrupted and FreeSpeech voice biometrics works with any language, any accent, any call‑quality, and regardless of the content of the call.

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The results are in


of users are frustrated with existing authentication


of users prefer voice biometrics over the status quo


of people say they are more concerned about their online privacy and security today than they were a year ago


A natural security solution

Nuance FreeSpeech authenticates a caller in as little as six seconds, just by listening to their normal conversation.

Replacing PINs, passwords and security questions

See how painless it is to passively authenticate your customers through natural conversation with a contact center agent by comparing the customer's voice to the voiceprint that is stored in the database. No PINs, passwords, or security questions to remember ever again.

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